Thursday, September 16, 2010


Having your tonsils out is no fun! We have had a rough 10 days around here. Surgery was Wed 8th. Lys made it home around 1 PM and slept most of the the day. This is what day one looks like! Thanks Vickie for the sweet little eye covers. She used them all week!

She woke up a bit in the evening and was feeling nauseous but nothing to terrible. Thursday was pretty good. She was awake a lot and watched movies all day. She even had a friend over. We thought......hey this won't be so bad. HA!! Day 3 hit like nobody's business. She began vomiting and didn't stop until Monday. That is FOUR WHOLE DAYS.....NIGHTS TOO!! We both thought we were going to die and to be honest, Lys was contemplating the sensibility of such relief! She actually looked up at me one time and mouthed..."this is not worth it" She couldn't actually speak but the tears were rolling down her cheeks. She, fortunately, does not remember that moment. I, however, have it etched in my mind. Not a good moment!

Day 6 looks like this:

We are now officially a pharmacy! The doctor changed the dosage of her pain meds, switched her nausea meds and called in an additional pain med....just for good measure. We were informed that if the vomiting was not under control in 24 hours, she would possibility be admitted to receive IV fluids. OH JOY....... And as a bonus, Tyler calls me and says " Mom, I sprained my ankle. I am on crutches.......I can't put any weight on it.....but it's not really that bad". Well, I decided that the narcotics are looking like a possibility for ME. (not really....don't freak out)

I had my friend come over and take all Alyssa's vitals and try to get her to drink more. That didn't go over well but I think we convinced her that the needles would be far worse so drink up baby! Tuesday was day 7. She has now been on the "new meds" for 24 hours and made it through the day vomiting only once. She asked for some food and we actually took her out for a drive. She had forgotten there was an outside world ya know! Day 8 and 9......Lys is feeling MUCH MUCH better. She can talk a a very low whisper and is drinking a lot. Oh and what is she saying most of the time....."I am starving!" After a 15 lbs weight loss...her body needs to make up for lost time and she now eats all day. Soup, creamy tuna, noodles of every kind, ramen (so gross), pudding, frozen yogurt, and her personal favorite....mashed potatoes and gravy. I think she is on the mend!

Day 10 with her Dad. Can you tell that the Dad is now tired? After all....he has been banished to the basement for a week. I have kept Lys in bed with my so I can give her med through the night and deal with her vomiting. Poor guy??

Oh and did I forget to mention that I bottled 6 quarts of peach pie filling on Monday....the REALLY BAD day??? I ordered the peaches before her surgery and picked them up Saturday. I had to do something or they would spoil. I should have just let them spoil but maybe is was a stress reducer or something. All I have to say is that those pies better taste DANG good this winter!


Flynn Fam 6 said...

Lovey her tons!!! We will come see her this weekend : )

Rhoadesfamily said...

I am so glad she is feeling better. Luv ya Lys.

Becky said...

You're such an awesome Momma!!!

Mrs. KIR said...

poor girl! glad she is on the mend--now maybe dad can be:)

Stephens Family said...

Man! What a hard time for her! So glad she is getting better. Seeing your kids in so much pain is truly the hardest thing, ever! Love ya! Miss ya!

Kim said...

Holy smokes! I had no idea! Poor thing.....and poor you....and poor Dave...and probably the whole family. Remind me to NEVER got my tonsils out!

Kim Rose said...

Poor girl. I feel so bad. I wish we lived closer so I could have helped. Of course you would manage to can peaches... domestic goddess... my kids will eat them from the can. :( love you!