Friday, October 1, 2010


We celebrated Brandon and Tyler's birthday in the month of September. I am a bit late posting photos but better late then never right???
Brandon turned 11. This means 5th grade, moving to A track, which has been really good for him! It means the end of Weebalo scouts and only one year left of primary. 11 years old marks the 2 year of football and brought Iwith it a month of injuries, including a broken wrist scare....whew, that didn't happen!
This year we let the kids pick where they wanted to go for their birthday dinner. Brandon chose Asian buffet.....not my favorite but he likes it. Actually, he likes the ice cream.....he doesn't eat much else! Dave caught these photos on his phone.....Brandon just "loves" kissing me!

Tyler turned 16 bringing with it dating.....Oh MY.... and driving.....GASP. It's a good thing that he is a responsible kid and isn't that interested in girls....well at least in dating them :) I am sure that will change as soon as his friends are all old enough to date! Man, girls are so much easier then boys when it comes gift giving and big celebrations. We asked Ty for months what he wanted to do for his birthday. He couldn't think of anything so.....bla. bla.....we didn't do anything special. He did finally decide on a restaurant for his birthday dinner.....Texas Roadhouse. It is his favorite place in the world to eat! I think we cleaned them out of rolls......not really but probably close! They made him sit on a saddle and sang Happy Birthday. That is actually funny......Ty being the guys who doesn't like to be in the spotlight (unless it is on the football field!) and NEVER smiles for pictures.

What.....another smile. That makes 2 good photos in one day! I think it is because Lys is sitting next to him and just tried to kiss him. He figures he better cooperate or I will enlist her help again!


Stephens Family said...

16 and Alyssa will be alive. They are growing sooo fast! And Brandon looks very grown up here. Goodness. Hope they all had great b-days! Love ya!

Mrs. KIR said...

So dang handsome! AND big--man you are O.L.D. Thank goodness I am young still:)

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Way cute pictures! It makes me sad seeing everyone growing up. Love you guys so much!