Monday, November 3, 2008


moment #4

What is your attitude towards life, toward your family, friends, and career? How do others' attitudes influence your life? How has your attitude changed over time?

Well, I have decide that these questions get harder as the book goes on! This one seems to be tough for me. I sometimes feel like I have "split personalities" I have tried to evaluate who I am and what kind of attitude I have and I don't even make sense to myself but if I ask other people they say I am the "calm one and a peacemaker". As far as being the calm one. This is where the split personality come into play. There are definitely situations that I can remain pretty calm compared to those around me. I have been in some really stressful situations and have an ability to focus and get through it with my wits about me. However, there are other, very normal everyday things that come up that just send me for a loop. I think it is sad that I have a tendency to loose my cool more with my own husband and kids then other people. I need to really work on that and I have made more of an effort in the past 3 weeks to keep perspective and remain "calm" all the time. (I still need a lot of practice!)
As for having a peacemaker personality, I'd say that is probably true, but don't worry, I can hold my own!!! I have taken that color personality test a few time and I am a blue and white mix. I really hate contention and I won't go looking for it. I will avoid it if at all possible. At times, that feels like a cop-out but I just can't stand contention. Having said that, I can be pushed to a breaking point and that is usually not a pretty sight! The sad thing is that I usually "break" at the stupid thing that is not even a big deal. I am working on that too. I guess I have a lot of little personalilty defects to work on!
So, now that I have written a disclaimer to my personality.....the question is what is my attitude towards life, family, friends, career. We will start with career. For me a career is just a mean to an end. It is very hard to support a family on one income but I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. So I found a solution to the problem. I began to do daycare in my home as soon as Alyssa was born and did that for 10 years. I have taught preschool in my home for 5 years. I only have to work part time and I am here when my kids need me. I love what I do but I would give it up in a heartbeat for my family!
My attitude towards life and family......NEVER take things for granite! Life changes in a blink of an eye! I think I have always put my family before trivial things but now that is even more important to me. You are MAKING A MEMORY! Everything you do will be remembered.....will it be a good memory for you family or a bad one? At some point in time, memories will be all that is left. I hope from here on out, I make more good memories!

Other people and their attitudes greatly influence my life. I like to watch and learn. Everyone has something good to share and something not so good to learn from. It is up to us to sort out the good from the less then ideal and then implement that into our lives. I have been lucky to have so many good people around me that are so much better then I. I have learned to be the person I am today from my parents, my sisters, and my husband!!! I love you all.


Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful post! You are so amazing! You were always "so together" and obviously still are...Wosh you are awesome!

Kim Rose said...

I loved that question and your answer to the question.
Calm one? Yeah right.. as long as you are not at Disney! :)
Or driving me to school!

Love you!

Stephens Family said...

Kim, let go of the past man!!! ; ) I liked that you said everyone has something good to share and something not so good for us to learn from. Totally true. I think having self-awarness is so important. Not only does it help us understand where we need improvment, it helps us realize we have lots of positive things to offer. You are such an awesome big sister Jenn. I love ya!!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I like how you wrote a disclaimer for your personality. You really are pretty laid back and just go with the flow, really easy to be around. But... I have seen that split/ side as well! Although, if I think about it I usually aggree with you and the people you're mad at deserve it. Sometimes you just have to speak up & tell people when they are being a nice way of course:)ha ha~

The Flynn's said...

Life CAN change in the blink of an eye and I hate it! I want to go back in time so bad! What I've learned from all this...make sure the ones that you love KNOW (without a doubt) that you love them because you may not ever get to say it to them this life anyway.

Michele and Alan said...

Jen you're funny! You are a pretty great person and I am glad that you are in our family! I just luv ya!