Friday, October 31, 2008


I was looking through my music the other day, looking for something new, and I came across my Best of Bread cd. It really made me think of Mom. I remember her listening to the record player while she cleaned the house. She was always wearing her scarf/bandanna thing in her hair and had Bread, Ann Murray, John Denver or something like that playing. It is funny to me how music can put you right back into a specific you are living it all over again. This particular song, "Everything I own" really struck a cord. I think it is actually about a relationship but the words fit our situation too. I WOULD give anything to have her back again!

I want to share one memory I had of her this week.....something I had long ago forgotten!
Alyssa has started basketball again. Her school team actually does not start for another week but she has played for a private league for 3 years now and that team has had some tournaments the past month. On Saturday they played 10 hours of BB. The had pool play on Friday night and then started playing Saturday morning at 9 AM. They kept winning so they made the championship game which was at 6 PM. That was a hard fought game. I am telling you, girls BB can sometimes make football look like a sissy game! (don't tell Tyler I said that) Anyone who says it is a "no contact" sport has never watch these girls play! Anyway, by that night Alyssa was really hurting. She had been slammed several times and her entire body ached. We were in the kitchen getting some Advil and she was going to soak in a hot bath. I suddenly remember a time my senior year, at the first of the track season, coming home from practice and being so sore that I cried. Everywhere hurt and my Mom came to my room and massaged my back and legs. I remember actually feeling a lot better afterwards. I told Alyssa to come upstairs and I would rub her body down. She laid on the living room floor for an hour while I massaged her sore body and we talked and laughed together. Thanks Mom for helping me create a memory with my Alyssa!


Kim Rose said...

Good job Alyssa!
She is just like you. So athletic.

I remember Mom taking you all over the state for your gymnastic meets. You and Candy Clark.

Good times.

Michele and Alan said...

I have to first say that I totally agree with the whole thing about songs taking you back to a certain time, it's so true! Alyssa is such a good sport! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you are an amazing mom yourself lady! What a wonderful lesson I hope to use myself one day!!!!

Heidi B C said...

So, I love that your girl plays basketball!!! I played sports in high school and college and I think it's so great to see girls that love sports.