Monday, November 10, 2008


I love getting my hair cut....especially when it is WAY overdue! I have this naturally curly hair that I, of course, want straight and a good hair cut makes that possible. I always feel bad when they cut it could probably make a wig out of the amount of hair on the hair is way too thick!

Preschool kids tell their parents everything! They tell me everything too but that is is not so funny when they are telling on you. Last Thursday was a bad preschool day. I don't really know why but the entire class was struggling. I either said "I want to pull my hair out" or I actually pulled on my hair but I had several parents ask me about this. The funny thing is that I had actually forgotten how bad the day was. Once the class is over it is forgotten so when they told me that their kids had talked about Teacher Jenny wanting to "pull her hair out" I had to stop and think for a minute and then could do nothing but laugh!

I miss my sisters! I talk to one or more of them everyday but that is just not enough. I wish I were rich and could fly all over the country to see them all the time. My sisters are my best friends!

Reading isn't as much fun without my mom. I love to read but so did she and we would talk about books often. We both had this habit of sitting in a hot bath and reading for so long we had to keep adding hot water to the tub.

Cleaning your carpets is HARD work! I planned on having my brother in law do it for me but he is moving sooner then I it is MY plan I used our portable machine to clean my basement and I was exhausted after the 2 hours it took to finish the job. I appreciate my dads job more now!

I eat Mexican food way too much. I looked over my menu for the month of November and I have it planned a couple of times a week. Is that bad? I guess not but is sure isn't creative. So...does anyone have any really good Mexican recipes?

I love the rain but my dog does not!!! He is a little scardy-cat and refuses to go out in the rain but he needs to go potty, so he jumps on the door every 5 minutes. It is very annoying!

Last week Brandon was getting frustrated that Sacrament Meeting was going fast and testimony meeting usually does, and announced, quite loudly, that we were in "overtime'. That is when you know we are at the tail end of football season!!!

That's all for today!


jackie said...

oh so fun! I loved reading your randomness! I miss my sister too--and my bother...oops, I mean brother. Let's make a deal..whomever gets rich and famous first will fly and pick the other one up and then we will go visit our siblings--and shop--let's go shop!

Heidi B C said...

I love the overtime comment! I've remembered a few SMings like that!

The Flynn's said...

I'm on Brandon's side about the "overtime." Sometimes you just gotta wrap things up and only a kid can say that and get laughs instead of glares!

The Flynn's said...

P.S. How did your hair turn out?

Kim Rose said...

I want a picture of the hair too.
I am fine with going into over time as long as I can get my diet coke and a hot dog! What is up with that?

DIAZ BLOG said...

You can't get a diet coke and hotdog at church!!! Although Brandon would try.

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Hey I called the other day while you were getting your hair cut! Hope it turned out cute:) Lunch maybe this week???