Monday, October 27, 2008


What is the best vacation you have ever taken? Where do you dream of traveling? What is your perfect escape?

The best vacations I have ever taken are the ones with my family. Right now, since my mind is on Mom, I have spent a lot of time remembering the things we did together when I was younger. Vacations were always a big thing in our home. Every year we went to Lake Powell and every couple of years we went to Disneyland. I remember those trip the most. Mom loved Sea Port Village in San Diego California. I remember always getting fudge and divinity at this little shop with a cobblestone floor. What a weird thing to remember! I think I loved Disney with Mom the most! She was like a kid in a candy shop! She loved Disney and we could not help but love it too! I see her in myself when we are there with our kids. It really is a magical place. I loved walking down main street with her looking for a "bell" Christmas ornament. She collected bells and collected Christmas ornaments so it made perfect sense to buy bell ornaments! I will never forget the time that we went over to the Disneyland Hotel to get breakfast. That was one of the first times we went to Disneyland. I could not have been more then 11 or 12 years old. Mom found this breakfast buffet for a great price. We all ran in and started eating at a VERY NICE buffet bar. It only took mom a few minutes to realize that the cheap price was M-Sat and it was a Sunday morning. That day was the champagne brunch and not so cheap. Mom was literally sick! This has always been a funny family vacation story but I still think it make Mom a little sick.

We have taken the kids to Disney 3 times now and they love it as much as I did! I think it by far my most favorite place to go.

Where do I dream of traveling? The Caribbean. My mom and I planned on going to Jamaica together the summer after my sophomore year of college. That never happened as I got married that summer instead. We never did take that trip. Dave and I planned a cruise a year ago and Jamaica would have been one of our stops. I was so excited but I somehow lost his citizenship papers and we could not travel without them. It took the INS a full year to get us a new certificate (we just received it 2 months ago) so we still have not taken that trip to the Caribbean. Someday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what beautiful memories! It made me want to take my kids back to Disney!!!

Plus..where is your hubby from?

DIAZ BLOG said...
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DIAZ BLOG said...

David was born in Argentina. He became a US citizen in 1996. Let me tell you....NEVER loose that paperwork in today's word. I learned that the hard way!

Kim Rose said...

How in the world Mom and Dad were able to take all 6 of us to Disney I will never know. I remember the beach! Looking for the ornaments. Mom also collected the Disney music boxes each year. She gave me that collection a few years ago. She loved Christmas! Loved to travel.
Great post!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

Good memories Jenn!
Mom was by far the best person to travel with(well when she wasn't sleeping in the car and we were squished on the floor) I will miss going into stores with her and looking at EVERYTHING!! She always bought us something and wanted to make sure we were happier than she was growing up. She was a riot on trips and would stuff the car full of "crap"...remember the trips to Utah to go get food from PACE, the store that was like Sams club?
Ahhh, I miss her so much

DIAZ BLOG said...

I don't remember PACE. That must have been after I moved away. I DO remember SAMS though! Tons of stuff. There were times I thought we were going home on the roof! She was really fun to go places with, that's for sure. I've decided that I am boring compared to Mom!