Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes, there is the face again! Alyssa and Tyer being goofs! 7 peaks has always been a family favoirte. We planned on going on Labor Day for our last visit but saw that a nasty storm was blowing in and it was only to be in the 60's that day so we decided to go Sat. instead. It was nearly 100. That sounds miserable but, when swimming, that is great. It was just our family so we got to spend some fun time together. Brandon's favorite slide is freefall. He goes on it over and over again. This is the first year he has been tall enough and had the courage to do it so he was pretty proud of himself. He talked me into going down it with him. It's not that I am scared but as I get older I don't have the desire to put myself through that much pain and face it, waterslides at that angle are tricky!!!

Brandon and Alyssa going down the boomarang. This is a really fun ride. (next year I will get you to go Michele Flynn!)
Ashlee on the boomarang. It is actually scary to go on this on a single tube. You go down forward but you spin around as soon as you go up the other side and then come down backwards. Ashlee knew this but actually doing it is a whole different thing. If you look close, you can see her screaming!
Brandon gives this ride a thumbs up!


The Flynn's said...

That ride is really fun! I wish I could have done it this year. Oh well, maybe next year!

Michele and Alan said...

How fun! I am bummed that I was too busy to go, but good that you guys got to have fun family time! Let me know what the kids schedules are for the games and I will try to make it to a couple!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Umm, remember summer before this one. We went down together and I said a really bad word really loud!!! I thought I would spare you this year :-)

DIAZ BLOG said...

that is right.....I forgot about that! Funny, funny