Thursday, September 4, 2008


This past week both of my boys both had birthdays. Tyler is now 14 and Brandon was 9 on the 9th .......Emily, this his his golden birthday and for him is extra cool He was born on 9-9-99 and is turning 9 years old! I have been thinking about the time they were born.

Both my boys were big surprises. Tyler and his older sister are only 10 1/2 months apart. Tyler was 3 weeks early but that still would have been close. I didn't even find out that I was pregnant until I was a little more then 3 months along. I started preterm lablor at 5 months and had him at 8 months. It was a crazy was pretty much like having twins. Kim may disagree with me since she actually did have twins at that time! The good thing is that Alyssa walked at 9 months so at least I did not have to carry two babies! Tyer was a very, very good baby! He hardly ever cried. I actually took him to the doctor because he never cried and slept 4-6 hour stretches right from the get go. The doctor checked him out, gave him a clean bill of health, and then told me to count my blessings! The funny thing is he is still my sleeper. He is always the first one to bed and the last one up! He was born with more hair then I have ever seen on a child! It was so dark and thick......a lot like his dad's (at least back, smile). Tyler has grown up to be a wonderful young man. He has completed all his requirements for his Eagle Scout and just has the actual project to complete. He will be the youngest boy in our ward to get his Eagle next spring. He is a straight "A" student and he is on Student Council this year also. He is a leader! He knows right from wrong and is not afraid to stand up for what's right......even if is causes him problems, which has happened. I am proud of him and love him very much. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Brandon was also a surprise and this time I was more upset about the surprise. We knew we wanted 4 kids but by now I was well aware of how much work it was and was scared to have two so close again. It took me a month or so to come to terms with the pregnancy. I began preterm labor at 5 months, like always, and my water broke a full month early. I suspected that morning that my water was leaking but "I had things to do" so I didn't tell anyone! I had a doctor apt. at 4 PM that day and figured I would say something then. By the time I got into see the doctor it was 5 PM and I said, "Oh,by the way, I think my water might be leaking." I thought he was going to shoot me! He checked and it was in fact leaking and he sent me right over to the hospital where they finished breaking my water and 3 1/2 hours later we had Brandon. It was 9-9-99 and we tried to hold off until 9PM but Brandon would not have anything to do with that and he was born at 8:53 PM. Brandon has been a busy, full of energy boy since the day he was born. We were not as strick as parents by the 4th child....either that or we were just too tired by the 4th child, and we let him sleep with us a lot. It was just easier......maybe not wiser but definatly easier! Up to about a year ago, he would still sneek into our bed at night and wiggle inbetween Dave and I. I actually didn't mind too much. He was our baby and I knew that one day our children would be too big to sleep in our bed. That day is here and I miss those mornings that he would tell me that I was "in his spot"! Brandon is still a truck person. He LOVES trucks, cars, planes, and trains....but cars and trucks are still #1. He collect the pixar cars and he can tell each one he has. He doesn't like to sit down and do one thing for very long but he can play with his cars for hours!
He has never "loved" school....he would rather be running and playing....but he does well anyway. This year he has a teacher who let him ride his new ripstick in the classroom on his birthday. She is offically "cool" now!!!
Happy Birthday Brandon!
(by the way, I don't know why my photos uploaded in this order....sorry!)


Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I have always thought you have such good kids!! You are such a good Mom and really spend time with them and encourage to try new things. This is why I think they are all so talented and smart. Your are SUPER MOM JENN!!!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

opps, I need to spell check more. You're is what I meant

Traci said...

That is hilarious 9/9/99. we have an 8/8/98 at our house.
Cute family!