Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Football season is here again and we are glad. Last year I really had a hard time with football....at least at the beginning of the season. It was difficult to watch a game where one of the main purposes is to hit the guy next to you as hard as you can. In Tyler's case, he often has the ball so he is the one everyone is trying to kill! Now I am used to it and I enjoy watching the game. This year has been a little different for us. Tyler is on the "A" team which mean he is with the better players. That means he has to work harder and compete for is position. That is good for him but hard for me. I want to see him play the whole game and that is not how it works. Anyway, he is doing great. He works hard and even when he was sick, he went to practice.
Ashlee and Brandon are playing soccer again this year. Last year we had them on the same team. They age group was 8-9 year olds. The new group started at age 10 so this year Ashlee had to play in the older league. That has been good for them. They feel like they have their own thing.....not sharing with their sibling but it makes getting everyone to their practices harder and we have soccer games for 8 AM to 11 AM every Saturday! Ugh! The kids really like it and they have gotten better since last year. You can really tell that they have a bit more experience now. I love seeing them have fun. I always loved sports so it is nice to see my kids like playing sports so much! Brandon is funny.....he has the most intense facial expressions! I will try to get a better photo next time.


The Flynn's said...

Livi was talking about Tyler the other day (I think she thinks that he is a famous football player) and she was able to describe in pretty good detail his uniform. She said she saw him wearing it and seemed to remember exactly what it looked like.

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I bet they are so good at sports, all of them!
I was talking to Tyler on the phone and man, he is so mature now. I feel so old, now that he is 14. It sounds like he LOVES football. I wish we were closer so I could support them and go to a game.