Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, I can't ever get a serious photo of these two! I think they just get sick of me taking them all the time. This look really says it all.....they are goofballs and they are best friends. I really can't complain. They are pretty excited about school this year. Tyler is in student council and Alyssa has two honors classes and advanced dance. It should be a great year for them.

What? Another smile out of Tyler. Something is wrong. I usually don't ever get smiles! Isn't he cute though!!!

Alyssa is getting so grown up. She is a freshman this year and pretty excited about that. She has her whole life planned out and, according to her, this is the first year that everything counts. I guess she is right!

Max has trouble with school. He runs to the window and then runs to the slidding door and then back to the window looking for the kids. Once he decides they are gone, he goes to the couch and pouts! Funny, funny.
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Flynn Fam 6 said...

Poor doggy :) The kids all look wonderful. We are looking forward to this Monday for Gavin! No tears ;~)

Thibodeau fam said...

They are so silly! Your kids are getting so big, I bet you feel old...hee hee.

Michele and Alan said...

Yeah, back to school! They are so grown up! Yes, they are silly too! Must be a Diaz trait or something! Let me know when I can come out again and we'll plan it! Thanks for letting me scrapbook with ya!