Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, this week has been CRAZY! I know it is only Tuesday but it has still be pretty busy. Jeff and Christie are in Las Vegas looking for a new home. I have the 4 kids until Friday. I wanted to make sure they got to do some fun things while they were here. Yesterday we just hung around the house. I went and rented Nim's Island for them and they watched that, played WII and rode rip stix and skate boards all day. They were stinky, sweaty, tired kids by the end of the day. Today we went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. They have an August special for $2 per person instead of the regular $8 so it was a cheap fun activity. Actually, I thought it was a little boring.....in the sense that most of the exhibits were look and read type things. The kids really liked all the life size models and they LOVE the sand and water tables and the digging for fossils spot. It ended up being a lot of fun for them

This is the sand and water table. I sure wish I had one of these for preschool. I think Little Tikes makes one. I am going to have to look into it. The kids had a ball. They had little plastic dinosaurs and plant life all over that you could dig for and then bury again . This is were we spent the most time.

They also had a digging spot. There are these big sand boxes that look sort of like caves and the kids dig for fossils that are buried under tons of sand. It is definitely a dirty activity but a fun one. It was pretty crowded. I think they would have stayed longer had there been fewer people!

Notice Tyler? He is a goof ball. He NEVER smiles for photos. I was getting annoyed at him and this was what I got in response. I guess it is better then the "I am ticked off" look!!
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Flynn Fam 6 said...

Looks like you have your hands full for the week! Nice of you to entertain the kidos! I did notice Tylers face before I had even read what you put!! He reminds me of Blake when it comes to picture taking, gotta love it!!! They are all so cute!

Mason Family said...

What a good looking group of kids! My children look so happy, maybe Jeff and I will just have to leave them with you a little longer while we enjoy the "alone" time looking for a house!!!!! Thanks again Jenn for always being there when we need a helping hand. Love you guys, and "maybe" we'll see you soon.

The Flynn's said...

Man, Zach sure is looking grown up! We should go there next time I come. I've never been to that place but I bet the kids would love it.

Michele and Alan said...

Tyler is SO much like David when hes got that "I am ticked off" look, he is such a goof! How fun! I ALMOST wish Zane was big enough to do that kind of stuff but I am definitely enjoying this time now!

Stephens Family said...

Ah, cute pictures!! I bet your house is crazy, but if anyone can handle it you can! I love ya lots Jenn and thanks again for having us over the summer. XOXO

Thibodeau fam said...

Man you have been busy Jenn! That is lot of kids, you deserve a VACATION!!