Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK, so I am not sure why these posted out of order but Oh Well! School starts on Monday for the kids. I have been thinking about how big they are getting. Class list were posted and my younger two have teachers that my older two had. That is when you realize that life is passing you by.....and I hate it. The school year is hard for me in that someone else sees my kids more then I do. When they were little I needed the break I got while they were at school but now I just want them home with me! These are the first day of school 2005. That was the only year that I had all 4 of my kids in the same school Alyssa was in 6th grade and Brandon was in kindergarten. It was really fun to see them leave for school together and see Alyssa watch out for her little brother on the playground! They all had good teacher that year and having all 4 kids with teacher you mesh with is a big deal!!!

first day of 6th grade. She sure has grown up!

Tyler, what is that.....a smile??

This is Brandon after he got home from school. He was SO excited. I must say that his kindergarten teacher was the best teacher ever! She won teacher of the year and deserved. She worked so well with his ADHD and really made him feel that he had the power to be successful! I believe we owe a lot to Mrs Kamaau!
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Thibodeau fam said...

Kids grow so fast, and this time of year I am soooooo dad!! I want them to go to school, yet I don't want them to grow up.
Cute pictures of the kids!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

They were so little! Gosh of all of them I think Alyssa & Tyler have matured the most. Before you blink the next eye Alyssa will be leaving high school :( Yikes!

The Flynn's said...

Tyler looks really cute in that picture!! They're growing up way too fast.

Michele and Alan said...

I have the cutest nieces and nephews! I love it! They are growing so fast! It almost seems like yesterday they were little.

Kim Rose said...

They are growing fast. Holy cow!
I feel the same way. I can't stand how fast time goes by.
Be sure to post how they did this week!