Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've been tagged......8 habits or facts about me

1. I absoulutly HATE sleeping with socks on. It drives me crazy! I get too hot then I can't sleep.

2. I love big sunglasses. Everywhere I go I find the biggest dorkiest glasses I can and try them all on. My dad started taking pictures because he thinks I look ridiculous, I think it looks cool. But what does he know, we all know he has no sense of style!! What do you think?

3. I do not get embarrassed that easy! I do the dorkiest things in public and it doesn't bother me at all. All my family is embarrassed for me, but hey whatever. It's not like I'm ever going to see all the people in the mall or gas staition or where ever I am again right? They don't know me... and if they do well then whatever.

4. I love taking goofy pictures, as you can see! I think I look retarded in normal pictures so i figured why not look retarded on purpose! And those are the kind of pictures that make you laugh and remember the fun things when your looking back later.

5. I will do almost anything if you pay me! I'll eat whatever, except bugs or things that are alive cuz thats just stupid! Or say something stupid in public, or go on a scary ride. But normally people dont give me money at all cuz i do it anyways!

6. I can recite any movie or comedy after a couple times seeing or hearing it. My mom says its hereditory and i get it from my aunts!

7. I absoloutly hate tomatos! But my favorite cracker dip is a sun dried tomato dip from Costco.

8. I'm only 3 seconds away from breaking the womens 100m dash world record.
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The Flynn's said...

Hey can't say you'll do anything for money, then make a list of things you won't do. Will you do ANYTHING for money or not?

Stephens Family said...

I am SO with you on the socks thing! I actually hardly ever wear socks. I don't like my feet to be covered. It is a good thing that I live in sunny AZ, huh!!

Kim Rose said...

Hey Alyssa!
You are wrong on 1 thing. You DO NOT look like a dork in pictures. You are a BEAUTIFUL girl and always look so pretty.
But... I love the glasses. I like other people in big glasses but can't wear them myself.
I will remember the $ thing. I just might need a foot massage.
Love you!