Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brandon's baptism

Today was Brandon's baptism. He was so excited!! It was extra special becasue today is his cousins 8th birthday and they came here to be baptized together. It was neat for all 3 to share there special day! This is the last baptism in our family.....time goes by so quickly! One little story..... the other day Brandon asked me if there was special soap to put in the water. I asked why he thought that and he said he needed his sins washed away and he figured he better use soap. (I guess he thought he had a lot of sins) I had to chuckle at that one! Congratulations Brandon! We are so proud of you!

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Flynn Fam 6 said...

Gee, he doesn't look JUST like Dave now huh!! Brandon is so darn cute! My blog is ugly, don't know how to make it look so nice like all of yours. If you have any spare time I could use some HELP!!

The Flynn's said...

I love those pictures of Brandon! He's so dang cute. The girls miss crazy Brandon.

Kim Rose said...

Did you tell him Bleach? Pine sol? The strongest solution out there?
Sorry we missed it.
Love you guys!

Stephens Family said...

So, I feel really bad, but I had NO idea that Brandon was getting baptized. Did you send out an email about it? I wish I had known it was that weekend and I would have called. : (

Stephens Family said...

I just had a thought as I looked at this picture and Dave...he looks kinda mean! I cannot imagine being one of Alyssa's many dates when she turns 16 and having to pick her up and meet Dave. That is going to be interesting! Watch out boys!!