Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last week Brandon was in some trouble and he was pretty angry at us....specifically his Dad....so he decided he was going to run away. Do you know what he packed???
1 pair of jeans
2 football jerseys
1 pair jammie pants
his pink football gloves (the ones he got for breast cancer awareness)
his ipod nano....which he NEVER uses.
When we asked about the nano....he informed us he needed to sell it for money. He knew enough to bring something to sell so he can buy food but didn't think to pack boxers or socks...hmmmm
I probably should be a bit worried about this but instead I find in quite funny!!!
I won't win any mother of the year awards this week.....LOL


Kim said...

So, how far did he get?

DIAZ BLOG said...

oh he changed his mind....it was blizarding outside so he decided to just suck it up, take his punishment and go to bed!

Becky said...

This makes me smile. My kids usually run out without anything so at least he was thinking! :-)

Katie Stoddart said...

That's funny. When Cameron was in his running away mood, he usually just packed notebooks, pens, pencils, and if we were lucky a change of clothes. The furthest he ever went was to the park by our old house.