Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have come to realize that I am officially behind on just about EVERYTHING! I need a maid, a nurse, a cook, a chauffeur, a personal secretary, a masseuse, and a therapist!!! NOT KIDDING! Oh and I need a author to come keep up on my blog! Since there is no way on earth I can catch up I think I will simply focus on the blog for today and highlight a few things from the past 4 months, well maybe ONE thing today...that's right folks it's been FOUR MONTHS!

The most significant thing that happened.....my kids gained a sister. For those of you that don't know the story, call me cuz I am not going to post all the wonderful details here. It will take.....oh say 24 years! For those that do, here are some pictures from Nichole's visit this fall!

Hanging out on my bed.....We really didn't have anything planned until that night so we just relaxed. For some reason my bed has always been the "go to place" Nichole fit right in! This is probably my favorite picture of the week!

SHE IS HERE! This was just precious to see! It was so exciting for the kids! Ty couldn't miss football practice and Dave had to work so they are missing....dang it.

Meeting my sisters Kim and Natalie. I don't know why I didn't have a picture of all three together.

Fall in Florida is VERY different than fall in Utah so we did all the fun fall things.....the haunted corn maze at Corn Belly's was awesome. I am NOT a haunted anything kind of gal and neither is Nichole but the kids all talked her into it. I think Tyler still has bruises from her grabbing him!

Meeting the Diaz side of the family.

A day in Park City was a must! It is beautiful up there! We went to eat, looked around the shops, got chocolate of course, and rode the Alpine Coaster. That was a first for all of us! It was AWESOME. I think Nichole spent the entire time on the phone...." I am riding down a MOUNTAIN on a COASTER!!" It was so fun to watch her. The colors were perfect that week....It was unseasonably warm so the day was perfect!

Tyler had a football game on Friday. Nichole actually cried. When I asked her what was wrong she simply said she never had a sibling to cheer for before. It was precious! She was Ty's good luck charm that night....they won!

Nichole and her "little" brother. Hmmmmmm

The WORST "see ya later" ever!!! It was hard to see her go through that gate. I am SO grateful that her parents are so wonderful and want to share her with us! We have grown by not just one but three. BJ and Walton are my heroes!

So ta ta for now.....I will post more in a few months....hehe


Chelsea said...

Jen, This is SOOO cool! I am so glad that you and your family got to meet her! I sure it was such a special time for you.

Becky said...

It looks like you made some great memories!

DIAZ BLOG said...

Chelsea, I've been in contact all along....at least with her parents but it new to my kids this year! It was GREAT

Jenn said...

So awesome. What a blessing.