Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, it is about time I catch up on all the summer happenings at our house. I will have to do this in a couple of posts.....I shouldn't get so far behind!
(oh and sometimes blogger gets all testy and won't let me move photos around so everything is out of order....sorry)
We decided to go home to IF for the 4th this year......something we have not done in YEARS. I am pretty set on a Utah 4th of July but I will admit that the Idaho Falls fireworks were pretty dang good! I did miss the Provo parade and booths but being with my family was worth it! Emily and I got excited as the cheerleaders went by in the parade. Funny how we still will watch to see if the are "good"!

Emily and Brandon blessed Wyat on Sunday the 4th. It was really nice to have most of us there. We are missing's just not quite the same without her spunk!

My goofy kids.....well except Tyler who has an aversion to smiling. We discovered the game "ladder ball" that day. We are hooked! We came home and Dave purchased one for our family Monday afternoon!

We went over to the IF temple on Sunday afternoon. I had forgotten that there was a nice visitor's center. We did not have enough time to really enjoy all that was there. We will definitely be going back the next time we go home. This is a picture of the future missionaries of the family.....oh and Jack may as well be family so he counts too!

I like this photo. It is the only picture of our entire family in front of a temple.

On Saturday we all went to Ross park. It has always been a favorite summer spot but I sure missed Mom that day. She would have loved it!

June 10th was Ashlee's 12th birthday. She wanted to have a Luau. It was a lot of fun. We had pizza, roasted smores, Alyssa taught the girls how to hula and they all slept in a tent. Ashlee is growing up so dang fast. Well not actually "up" as she is doomed to be the shortest in the family but isn't she cute!!!

June 4th was our 18th anniversary. We have gone down to Vegas the past couple of years and decided to head down there for the weekend again this year. We stayed in the condo so I got to spend time doing my favorite thing.....sit in the pool and read while Dave did his favorite thing....take a nap! It was so hot that even the pool was warm. We tried a new buffet and decided that we still like the seafood buffet at the Rio best. Kirk and Stace.....mark your calendars now...we are going back next June!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...


(and can that "little" girl be 12 already?? Man, how time flies!)

Kim Rose said...

The picture of the party is so cute. Love that little Kaytee is all proper and smiling. She loves having her picture taken. Loved having you here. We are ready to kick your ... in ladder ball. We have been practicing. BIG TIME.

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Such cute pictures of you all. You are SO lucky to be able to get away on your anniversary each year. I am so glad you updated you little turkey! Do it more often!!

The Flynn's said...

Aww, Ashlee looks adorable on her birthday. I wish she could come live with me. She's so helpful with the kids! I didn't even recognize you in the Vegas picture. I wasn't sure which sister you were, seriously! You look like you, Kim, Natalie and Emily in that picture. Whoa, weird!

DIAZ BLOG said...

it is pretty weird how much alike we all look....especially in certain photos. I sometimes have to look closely to tell you and Em apart. It is a good thing since I think all my sisters are beautiful!

Stephens Family said...

I am late to the party of this post. Cute pics! Ashlee is oh so cute! Why isn't she in gymnastics?? And ladder ball is the bomb. Don't be talking trash Kim...I saw your throwing skills. Scary!