Thursday, April 1, 2010


This last week was prom for Alyssa. It was so much fun going through this with her. I didn't realize just how big of a deal prom was around here. We did it a bit different where I am from. I did go to a prom in Florida my Jr year and thought the hoopla was an east coast thing. NOPE. The school went all out!!!

We started out the first week of March looking for the dress....WOOOOO, talk about sticker shock. Call me a penny pincher but I wasn't spending $350-$500 on a prom dress! I was pretty sure we were going to have a meltdown in the dressing room but Alyssa finally found a dress she a matter of fact she loved it more then any of the other more expensive dresses.....and it was a DANG good deal because it had "history" as the sales lady put it! What was the story behind the dress??? To make a long story short, the dress was altered for someone else and that person was needing to sell the dress. There as no room to take the dress out so they could only sell it to someone very tall and slender. Luckily Lys fit the had very narrow sleeves so we still had to figure out how to widen them enough to please the mom and dad! The meltdown began.....Alyssa was just devastated to hear they had no matching fabric so the alterations were not possible. Luckily we found a seamstress that was able to take some fabric from the skirt to make the sleeves. You could not even tell she altered the bottom at all and after 3 fittings we had a happy Alyssa!

This was actually pretty funny. Alyssa was struggling with the boutonniere and kept making funny faces. I think Derrick was thinking "these things are stupid anyway!"

They high 5ed each other when she finally got it on correctly.
Exactly when did Lys get so tall???

These all uploaded in a weird order and blogger isn't letting move them for some reason. sorry! Mikilee came over to help with the hair......a process that took 3 hours. Yes, I said 3 HOURS! I had no idea it would take that long. They had to do it with Lys in her dress because it had to be pulled over her head. That is a long time to be in a prom dress. Good thing it was comfortable!

Typical Alyssa.....making funny faces!
I got her to give me a good smile! She is just gorgeous!
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Becky said...

She did look so beautiful in her dress! She is such a gorgeous girl!

Kim said...


Kim Rose said...

She looks beautiful. Great color for her skin tone. I don't know how Mom did it with all of us girls!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

She is just beautiful. We LOVE her dress, it's super cute! These Prom's are a big deal mom ; )

The Flynn's said...

Aww, she looks great. I love how the dress turned out! And the hair and makeup look great too!