Monday, March 15, 2010


Well, it is only March and I have already failed MISERABLY at one of my new year goals.....write in my journal regularly and keep my blog updated. NOT!!! It actually takes an email from my sister to light a fire under my butt!
So here are a few things that have happened in our family the past month.
So for those that have read my blog more then two years you know that I DETEST the pinewood derby. I mean LOATH the event. Is that even "loath" a scouting event? I assure you, it is!!!!!!! I sweat beads of perspiration just at the thought of that terrible 2 hours. We each have our talents and you all know that Dave and I are SO VERY TALENTED (ha, ha.....just kidding) Well, carving cars out of wood blocks is not one of those talents. Oh and don't be fooled.....we have tried the "just buy one" route and that does not work either! I am not sure what we do wrong. Come on..... we read all the scouting freaks' blogs about making your car and follow the instructions to the tee and still we come in last......EVERY YEAR! But......woo hoo......this year Brandon's car actually won....yes I said WON.....two heats. Not exactly sure how that happened but it did. Brandon was thrilled. I was thrilled. Dave was EXTRA thrilled that I would not accuse him of being the worst carpenter in the world this year! We were all smiles. Even the crowd knows the Diaz curse and they all cheered his car on like it was in the Indy 500. Pretty funny actually. Well, all was well......the winners were being announced and they decided to do it by groups. The top three in the wolves came up and took a bow. Then the top three in the bears came up and took their bow and then the Webalos came up (that is Brandon's group in case you wondered) He took 2nd. Now mind you......there were only two boys in that group but Brandon did not get that so the smile stayed!! UNTIL........the dang dude announcing it just had to put up the "overall" rankings. OH NO!!! I knew there was going to be trouble. Can't they just leave well enough alone??? The way they had announced it basically let there be several winners. I jumped up and went over to Brandon and braced myself for the tears that would surly come as he saw his name at the bottom.....AGAIN. I talked him through the crying episode, tried to dry my now drenched shoulder and sent him up for his award. All the while......Dave is slowing inching his way to the corner of the gym awaiting the tongue lashing he expected from me. Well lucky him.......I came home and whooped for joy. This was our last year of the dreaded, HATED, pinewood derby!!! I am just sure he let out an audible sigh of relief!

This is before the "overall" rankings were announced. He still felt some measure of success!

Alyssa has been asking to color her hair off and on for a couple of years. She first wanted highlights and I told her she would have to pay for those herself. She decided she did not want them THAT bad when she realized how much it would cost with her super long hair! She pretty much forgot about it for a year and then decided last week she wanted to go really dark. Lucky her......I know how to do an all over color so off we went to pick our her color. I have a friend who owns a salon and has taught me how to mix the color and developer and apply it the "professional" way. Oh isn't Alyssa such a lucky girl!!! She was scared to death. I assured her that if I messed up completely, I knew people that would fix it. That only slightly put her mind at ease. It was a fun experience. Ashlee and Brandon enjoyed teasing her and taking photos.
These uploaded in the wrong order but the second photo of her hair is abviously the "before shot" and the first one is the "after shot". It turned out REALLY dark but she loves it!

Alyssa decided to try out for dance company again this year. She knew she had a real good chance at making it and the teacher was really encouraging her to go for it. We get all her paperwork in order and attend the parent meeting only to find out that the school had changed the Dance Company class period to the same class period as basketball. SO SAD. There as no way Alyssa was giving up basketball so she had to make the terrible decision to try out for
Dance 3 instead. At first she was really upset but then decided that it was OK. Of course she made the team and did it without beating the heck out of her body this time!

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Kim said...

Poor Brandon. Why can't they understand that the kids at the bottom of the list DON'T want to see the overall rankings? I'm not looking forward to pinewood derby's. Activity days did one a couple of years ago. I spent ALL day carving that stupid car. I think her car was third to last. But it took the "cutest car" prize and to a girl that's probably more important any way. Too bad that won't slide for a boy scout.

The Flynn's said...

I just really don't get the whole pinewood derby thing. I think that has got to be the dumbest activity on the planet. Scott is doing one for the E.Q. and I told him no one was going to show up but he insists that guys love that kind of thing. I like Alyssa's hair. It's definitely a lot darker but I'm sure it looks good. Reagan is looking at the pictures with me and said Alyssa looks funny in the first picture.

Traci said...

I am with you. I HATE pinewood derby. I always ended up making the cars - they were cute, but we were always lucky if the wheels didn't fall off (which they did some years). I shouted for joy last year, as youngest son had his last race. Hooray for pinewood free life!

Becky said...

I'm with you on the overall rankings. It doesn't matter! The boys were so happy after the den awards. Maybe next year I'll have to suggest that. You're lucky this is your last year. I stress over it ever year and next year we will have 2 boys doing it.

Alyssa's hair is beautiful. I think it looks great on her! Good job Mom!!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

I hate the pinewood derby for you guys. I just hate it. Every year you report on it I don't look forward to seeing a sad picture of that little cutie! At least it is over with now. Love the hair-doo, love the dance try-out pictures, especially the one with Ty in it, hahaha!! FUNNY!

Natalie said...

Brandon's smile always cracks me up! One year our ward did a pine wood derby EQ thing and Quinn worked so hard on his car, even painted it to look like Lightening McQueen. He couldn't figure out the whole wiught thing and go ticked off and gave up. It was a cool looking car though, Annie was so impressed. I am happy that I don't have boys and have to deal with ALL the scouting stuff, I would get too confused.
ps...I want you to come back to stay with me...PLEEEEEEASE!! You were great company and fun to hang out come okay. Thanks a bunch:)