Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Thanksgiving is coming up, in case you do not have a calendar and are completely out out of touch with the world around you! This year the meal is at my house. My sister, Natalie and her family are coming, as well as my Dad. I am very excited to have them all here but am feeling a little anxiety setting in already. You see, Thanksgiving is my Mom's day. It's not that she absolutely LOVED to get up at 5AM to put in a turkey but she LOVED how happy that bird made all of us, especially my dad. No one can make a turkey, stuffing, and gravy like my mom.....Dad may be the only exception. A year and a half ago, while putting together a family cookbook, my mom wrote about her stuffing recipe, "If you only learn to cook ONE thing from me, this better be it." Of course we knew how to make it.....she has been teaching us from the time we could reach the stove! The difference was she was always there with us. I know how to make this special meal the right way, (just for the record, if you are not a Toombs, you make it wrong!) but I just don't want to do it without her. I have been perfectly comfortable living in my little world of denial....believing that if I do not THINK about Mom's death, then it won't be so. Thanksgiving day will force be into a reality I am not prepared to face.

So there! You all just got to hear my boo-hooing for today. No need to respond. I just needed to express my feelings for myself, since this blog will become a journal of sorts someday.
By the way, the photo above was taken in 2001. Brandon was 2 years old and even he knows how good Mom's turkey is! The look on his face says it all!


jackie said...

I am so sorry Ja--niff--er! I truly know your pain and wish you a quick holiday. Once the first one is under you belt, it will get easier and better!

Plus, can I tell all those I know that since I am not a Toombs I will never be able to make a Thanksgiving dinner correctly so I should never have to take a turn? Thanks... that would be great!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

We will get through the day...I PROMISE!!! Mom would want us to make it special for Dad and have fun.
Love ya!!

Kim Rose said...

That is a great pic! You are right. NO ONE can cook a turkey like her. I hate spending the holiday with Darren's family because I want Mom's food.
You can do it... Dad will be there. Be sure to get him up and make him help. It will be a amazing experience. You WILL feel Mom with you. She just might add a bit more of the white wine though!

DIAZ BLOG said...

hey it is sherry and I have an entire bottle ready!!! Dad is going to do it with me...that's not the problem..... I am just afraid of the emotions I will feel that day!

The Flynn's said...

That picture made me so happy/sad! Mostly sad! I completely agree about living in denial. When does that go away? When does it all start to feel real? Reagan said again today that she wanted to call grandma Toombs. I asked her where grandma was and she said, "Idaho." Those are the moments when I'm the most sad, when I think about Reagan and how she fully expects to see grandma next time we are there. I just want the nightmare to end! Plus, I probably won't get a turkey at all this year. With my luck, I'll be in the hospital or have a brand new baby with engorged boobs and not be able to move! Yay!