Monday, November 24, 2008


I have decided that my last few posts have been depressing. I guess that is how I have been feeling but it's not like we sit around and cry all day so I decided to catch up on some fun things we have done this past couple of weeks.
Carmel yummy! We all love Carmel apples! I decided that since I had pretty much "skipped" the month of decorations or anything around the house that is festive and pretty......we could at least make our favorite treat. We actually had a really good time. Brandon was a little upset that his apple had bubbles on it but he decided that these unsightly blemishes did not really matter as soon as he tasted his!

Alyssa has a friend over this weekend. They hung out on Saturday and watched the BYU vs. UTAH game with us on Saturday night.....that turned out to be a disastrous game!!! The girls had fun anyway. Ally came to church with us on Sunday and they spent the afternoon goofing off. This photo was a result of "dress-up" I thought teenagers out grew this form of play but NO, it just gets more detail orientated. The girls do their hair and make up and play around with hats and different clothes and then take photos of each other. Funny! She is beautiful though!

Ashlee has had a fun week also. She is paying for it now as she is sick in bed today. Her school class took a field trip to Clear Creek. This is an overnighter and really fun for the kids. It has been really warm here but up in the mountains it is a different story but the kids think it is summer or something and won't wear a coat. Notice that Ashlee is in a hoodie and her teacher is in her coat and gloves. I am not a bad mom and did in fact send Ash with a coat, gloves, had and even snow pants, just in case but they came home in the same bag they left in. Hence, the sick child today! She won the "quiet award" that night. No one realized that she was asleep until the next morning and that is why she was so quiet. I am glad I did not have to help with that field trip....I am like Ashlee and value my sleep!

As for me, I am bound and determined to have a good December. I have let November go by in a cloud of depression. I love Christmas and so do my kids....and to tell you the did my Mom. She would be quite annoyed if we all mope this month so happy days are here to come!!!


jackie said...

mmmmm, makes me want t carameled apple. These are one of our favorite treats as well, and we made them three timesin October..yum! We also love chocolate dipped pretzels!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

That's right no more moppin!! Happy days are ahead, I know it. Today is's my b-day~

Kim Rose said...

You are right. Mom LOVED Christmas and would want us to be happy this month.
Time to set up the trees!

The Flynn's said...

Oh man, I wish I could eat caramel apples. They are definitely yummy but my teeth cannot handle them. That's a really cute picture of Lyssa!

Michele and Alan said...

Yummy! Where's mine? j/k I miss you guys and I hope we get to see you soon! Have a Happy Turkey Day!