Friday, July 18, 2008


OK, I have been waiting all week long for to do this! I thought Emily's idea was great! It made me stop and think and I quickly realized that I have never been a good journal writer and many memories are fading or lost forever so I am going to actually try this each week!

I was at a fireside a week ago and the speaker was talking about raising children and the difficult times we sometimes have. He told a story of a time he walked into his office at work and overheard his co-working pleading with his wife on the phone" don't do it....please don't do it!" The co-worker explained that his little boy had peed down the heater vent and his wife was insisting that she was going to "cut it off". I know you are laughing.....but......

When Ashlee was about 5 or 6 she was giving us a hard time about something and was sent to her room. She went through a phase where she was often in her room! When she would be punished, she would use every excuse in the book to get attention, including "I need to go potty....really bad!!" She does have a small bladder and she actually DID go when we would let her out but this time we were really mad and when she began wailing about needing to go potty Dave told her no....she could wait. That caused a 5 minute fit and Dave finally told her she is NOT coming out and he did not care if she peed down the vent. WELL.......she stopped crying and a little while later, when we went to talk to our now calm and rational daughter, she informed us that she had calmed down because she did not have to pee anymore. We had the I told you so thoughts and said "See, you could hold it just fine." and she then told us that no, she just peed down the vent like Daddy said! I about died. I was so mad! We knew darn well that she did that just to spite her Dad but he DID tell her to so we could not really punish her too much. Oh my....the things our kids do!
Ahslee is still our stubborn as a nail child but she has outgrown the need to pee down vents!
(Kim, didn't your boys pee in a drawer once? )

I remember spending most of my motherhood years wishing and hoping for the kids to grow up faster. Little ones are so much work! The past couple of years have been so nice. We have the freedom come and go as we need to and the kids do not need me to take care of their every need! The past few weeks have been like a mid life crisis I guess because I am realizing that my kid are getting too big. They don't need me as much and I miss that. I find myself hanging onto Ashlee and Brandon a little tighter! Before I know it they will be married and on missions! So my advice, enjoy them while they are little and love every stupid thing they do!


Flynn Fam 6 said...

I love that story about Ashlee, I can picture it so clearly! It is hard to see your kids grow up but let me tell you, the relationship you will have with them once they turn 18 is worth a million. Ashley and I are just as close if not closer then we ever have been before. It is amazing and such a great feeling. Don't worry, you have wonderful children and you will always continue to have a great close relationship with them even when they are all grown up. It is so much fun to hang out with her and we have so uch more in common:)

Thibodeau fam said...

I think flasback fridays are a good way to journal. I actually found a site that you can print and make your blog into a book. The prices aren't bad and I think it would be cool.
I never knew the story about Ashley, that is so funny!!

Stephens Family said...

So hilarious! What can you say, she was just doing what she was told. Brock once peed in my was about 6am and I was sleeping in the blue room (off of the fam room at mom's house) and Chris and the boys were in the family room. We were visiting. I heard my door slam open and in comes Brock. He was totally asleep but was running and flung open the top of my suitcase that was sitting of the floor. Apparently, he thought it was the top of the toilet. As I tried to wake up, he proceeded to pee! I started sceaming NOOOO and tried to cover it up! Christie came running in saying WHAT in Christie's very dramatic way! All of the chaos freaked Broke out and he started bawling! Well, after many washes of all my clothes and disinfecting my suitcase with lemon 10, all was well. Brock had NO recolection of the event!