Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you remember when?

1. Add a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! If we're only blogging friends, write about a post that is most memorable.

2. Next, post these instructions on your blog and see how many people have a fun memory of you. It's pretty fun to see the responses.

3. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. :)
Can't wait to read your memories!


Thibodeau fam said...

Yeah, I get to be the first to post a memory or a few:)
~I remember when I got mad at you and threw a glass or two at ya down the hall all because you made me eat my cooked carrots.
~ I rember being 12 or so and going to watch you cheer at a basketball game. The gym floor had the word B O N N E V I L L E spelled out and you did a back hand spring across the floor for each letter. That was when I knew you were so COOL and I wanted to grow up to be a cheerleader like you.

Flynn Fam 6 said...

My memory is going to mimic yours but oh well!! Here we have Russell's brother & Katie who were going to UT and IF for Christmas. We weren't doing anything in Ca so why not. We shall meet them in UT. So we were going to stay with one of Katie's sisters & fam who we had never even met. They invited us into their home and let us eat all of their food!! We arrived in the middle of the night after searching for their house in the dark fog! They were so hospitable and had such nice kids! We had such a fun time with all of them. First and formost, for anyone to invite you into their home as strangers isn't just anyone, secondly to feed us and plan entertainmen was just beyond the call of duty! We are so glad to have met you guys and now to be such great friends. My memories of you will always greet me with a kind heart :) Love ya :))))

The Flynn's said...

I remember your blue Ford Escort and I loved it when you let me drive it cause I thought that car was so awesome. I'm pretty sure it was actually not that awesome... I also remember coming to visit you SOOOO many times and meeting you in Tremonton and thinking I was coming to such a big, awesome place...Orem! :) Oh, and going shopping at the University Mall.

Stephens Family said...

Jenn, I think my most fond memories of you were when Katie and I would come visit you in Orem. I remember staying with you when you were going to BYU and, you were SOOO cool! I remember carving pumpkins with your roommates. I remember meeting Dave for the first time and telling him, "you are no Ryan..." how rude was that! : ) I remember staying with you guys after you got married and Dave being a weirdo and trying to make out with you on the kitchen table in front of us as a joke. Hmm, I wonder why you had 2 "uh oh" kids! ; ) I really loved coming there and still do! You are still pretty darn cool.

Kim Rose said...

Oh I am going to have fun with this one.
I remember YOU being a BRAT and running ME over with the car! Poor Julie Hollist was scared to death.
I remember when we were little and we would go to Phoenix together. I remember walking to school in Illinois. (Did I spell that right?)
I remember being jealous that you made cheerleader and I was only a dorky mat maid. I just was not cut out for it. I remember all of your boyfriends! Holy cow!
I remember icky first apartment in Orem and feeling so bad that the bathroom was so gross. I was so happy when you moved closer to Pebbles.
You are cool. But.. a pain to go to Disney with!
Hee. Hee. Hee.

Michele and Alan said...

Well, as a sister-in-law you are pretty cool! I remember coming out to Utah when you & Dave got married (I think)and we went to Seven Peaks and I remember your long curly hair and I loved it and wanted my hair to be that pretty too! (I remember you wearing a bikini too because I remember thinking " that's not modest." hee! hee!) I don't remember if it was the same visit, but I remember you lying down with me, I was pretty young, it was at night and I don't know it I was having a bad dream or what. But I still remember that very vividly. Weird huh?

alyssa* said...

You remember when we were eating ravioli and you flung a hot noodle on my nose and LAUGHED! not nice! lol