Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Happy Father's Day Dave!! I asked each of the kids to tell me three things they love about their dad.
Alyssa- 1-he is willing to help us with things even if it takes a long time
2- he makes sure that I am safe and that I am well looked after (like with guys!)
3. He likes to joke around with me
Tyler- 1. He makes really good breakfast and is good at grilling
2- He likes to go fishing with me
3- He will always help me with things
Ashlee- 1- he is way nice
2- he is way cool
3- I like it when he take me fishing and camping and teaches me how to fish
Brandon- 1- he is really, really cool
2- I like it when he tickles me
3- I like watching movies together
Jenn- 1- I love that he brings me flowers and diet dr. pepper all the time. I know it is a little thing but it shows me that he knows the things that make me happy
2- he like chic-fliks. He never complains about going to the movie I choose!
3- I love how dedicated he is to his calling. It has never bothered me the amount of time he spends at church. I can't think of anything he does that brings us more blessings!
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Michele and Alan said...

Well to add to the three things:
1. He is MY brother and he is pretty cool.
2. He is very sensitive to family(at least for me he was in the hospital when I was in labor with Zane. I am so glad he was there for me.)
3. He makes me laugh and always has.(on a side note I(wink,wink)appreciate him teaching me to curse and flip the bird when I was 4)

DIAZ BLOG said...

yes, Michele......teaching you those things was one of his finer moments...smile, smile! I have to agree that he is very sensitive to family. That is actually one of my first memories of him. He said I had to meet his sisters approval when we first started dating and took me over to Maria's apt the day after our fist date!

Thibodeau fam said...

I love Brandons smile...it is so CUTE!!

Kim Rose said...

Can we add things we "don't like" about Dave?
Teagan would like to add that he does not like it when Dave sits on him.
Other then that... yep.. he is a good egg.

Stephens Family said...

Eh, I don't know about being WAY cool and WAY nice...hmmm...just kidding. Dave is pretty cool and pretty nice...sometimes. : ) Happy Father's Day Dave. It has taken what, 15 years, but I guess I like ya.

Flynn Fam 6 said...

He is a super great guy! We are so lucky to have met him and be friends :)