Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Poor Brandon....he really did have a bad day. He had been invited to a sleepover party at our neighbors house the night before and like kids do, he played until midnight, did not get enough sleep and we paid for that the next day! He came home and seemed in a good mood but we had a family birthday party and left only a few minutes after he got home. The meltdown began on the way to the party. He just did not want to go. Once we got there, the 4 kids ran over to the basketball hoops and started to play. Brandon and Tyler began to fight becasue one of the hoops was bent and neither wanted to shoot on that hoop and, of course, they could not just play together on the same hoop! Then Brandon did not want to eat anything that was there. He opted for a plain hotdog and nothing else. Then all the men and boys went to see Speedracer. He did well through the movie but we needed to go to Walmart after the movie and he did not want to go. By now it was 8 PM so we had been gone 9 hours already. He had trouble throughout the store and on the checkout line, he lost it. I had to leave Dave to pay and I took him to the car. On our way out he was screaming, a parent's nightmare. People probably thought I was either kidnapping him or going to beat him in the car (which I considered.....just kidding) As we were crossing the parking lot, a car of teenage girls started mocking him and that just made it worse. He began to yell at the girls to shut up, which only made them laugh. Now on this point, I agreed with Brandon.....I wished they would just shut up too!! When we got to the van, he was in complete meltdown mode and crawled to the back and just threw a tantrum. I happened to have the camera, since we had just come from a party, so I took a photo. Poor kid.....that was just the icing on the cake. He was basically hysterical and I was laughing at this point. All I could do was turn around and just wait it out. I taught the lesson in RS the next day and one thing we talked about was how the joys of motherhood come in moments. This was NOT one of those moments and the thought of it made me smile during my lesson. I guess I can say at least something good came from this terrible day!
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The Flynn's said...

Poor Kid?? Whatever, poor mom sounds better! Sounds like maybe he shouldn't have a sleepover next time, or at least not one right before a full day of torture at a family party and Walmart. Geez, life is rough when you're 8! Funny how your previous post is about him being student of the month. :) How much did he pay his teacher to give him that title?

Flynn Fam 6 said...

I could not do anything but laugh when I read this. It reminds me of Kelsey!! Gosh they sure have their bad moments don't they. I am with Katie on that one, poor mom. You laughing, oh boy, I bet it made it 10 times worse, but what do you do! I have had so many of these times in my life, now all I do is laugh too:)

DIAZ BLOG said...

ya, the worst was when the car full of girls started mocking him. He started yelling at them and shooting them dirty looks which made them laugh. I actually felt sorry for him.