Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This post is for my kids. I love Mother's day. Dave and the kids always make it so special! He takes the kids out to get me little gifts and they love picking things out. They really know my tastes. There are a few items that have sort of become traditions. I always get bathsalts and a lotion, a book, and a HUGE card. The card thing is funny. I actually asked Dave this year to just help them pick out a regular size card so I could scrapbook it and he said NO. He told me the kids love the bigs cards and he would not take that away from them. Good point! So....I get a huge card to add to the collection! This year I got an extra special gift from Alyssa. She brought $20 with her to the mall to get a pair of shorts from Aeropostale......her favorite store. Instead she bought me a bracelet and pair of matching earrings I had told Christie I liked. It really ment a lot to me that she spent her own money on me instead of that pair of shorts she had been saving for! I love you Alyssa, Tyler, Ashlee, Brandon, and of course Dave! Thank you for a very nice Mother's day.
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The Flynn's said...

Uh, that really is a HUGE card. Where in the world are you storing your collection? Good job Alyssa on your gift. That was really nice!