Monday, April 28, 2008


For those of you who don't know, my nephew was hit by a car on April 16th. He is only 16 months old and his little body didn't do too well under a big car! He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where he underwent many tests and had his first of 4 surgeries within the first couple hours of being there. I arrive in Phoenix at 10:00 that night and this first photos was the Dylan I saw when I walked into his PICU room! Not a sight for a weak stomach!

Three days later, after a second surgery and watching him stop breathing, this is Dylan on his way to recovery. The breathing tubes are out and we all feel a sense a great relief!!

This photo was taken on Saturday. This was kind of his "resting day" He had all the tubes out and would not have another surgery until Sunday morning. He did pretty good this day. It is actually amazing how well he was recovering. The biggest obstical at this point was getting him to wake up. He was off all seditation medication but his little body just wanted to sleep. His heart rate was good so sleeping was fine.

This photo was taken on Monday, just before I left. Leaving was very hard for me! I knew the week to come would be hard in a very differnt way then that first week in the hospital. I did not want to leave Dylan and I did not want to leave my sister! No mother should have to go through what she has gone through! I must say that Emily and Brandon have handled it so well! I have been so proud at how strong they have been. Emily is an amazing, strong women and I hope I am as good a mother as she is! If anyone wants to read the details on Dylan's journey, you can link to Emily's blog from my "blogger friends" list!
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Stephens Family said...

I love you Jenn!! And, I am a good mom because I have 5 older wonderful sisters who have shown me the way!