Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Getting a good photo of the kids was a nightmare this year. The boys were giving me fits. At first Brandon kept making funny faces and Tyler refused to smile. Then everyone started giving Tyler a hard time so he would laugh but someone was always turned around. I guess this is as good as it gets this year! They are cute kids though!

As always, Ashlee is the little babysitter! She is always holding or playing with one of the the cousins. This was Audree's first Easter and she was so much fun. She could not quite firgure out where the eggs were suposed to go during the hunt. I wish I had a picture of her trying to eat the biggest cupcakes you have ever seen. It was pretty funny!

Alyssa is the one always making us laugh with her silly poses! She is a little old for the egg hunt but since there was money is some of the eggs, she had to get on board this year but could not help making fun of it....just a little!
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Thibodeau fam said...

I was wondering when you would blog again!!! Sheesh!! Those pictures of the kids are really cute! I am a bad mom and did not take any easter pictures.....not proud of myself.
Love ya~

Michele and Alan said...

Hey looks like you had a great easter! Where did you spend it? j/k :) I love your blog I need to learn how to do more on mine. Anyway, I am so glad to see that Dylan is home now and Jen I hope you know that you are a good mom and I think you're great! I am glad you are a part of our family! I love ya! Thanks for being there for me when I had my sweet Zane!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Brandon, what a marvelous look for him!!! He is such a goof! I love 'em all :) I was glad to see you updated. Ya I'm slow at doing it to so I don't have room to complain!!!