Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It sure has been a crazy summer around here! I was looking at my calendar and there has been less then 2 weeks all summer that I haven't either been out of town or had my family here with me! It's been jammed packed with activities but SO much fun. Sometimes I long for the days that I was "stuck home" all the time but honestly, I wouldn't trade the time I get to spend with all my sisters for anything!

In June, my sister Katie and her 2 girls came for two weeks. We had SO much fun. Dave wants to adopt the girls and spoils them rotten....well he spoils their teeth at least. They know Uncle Davey is good for CANDY! Here is some of the stuff we did on her visit.

it is tradition to make smores out back whenever the cousins are around. The little ones love it.

We were able to go out on the lake with Russell and Michele one night. It was the first time I had been to UT is it possible that I live 10 min from a lake and had never been out on it??? The girls got to tube.....Reagan was a hoot! She got comfortable with that REALLY fast!

We all went to Lagoon one day. It was 4 of the sisters and their families along with our friends. This is a summer tradition now! There is a new ride....Bombora......Reagan LOVED it. She kept asking us to take her on it OVER and OVER. It think Dave said he took her on it at least 10 times!

The makes me dizzy to just watch! My kids....not so much. Are they crazy hanging over like this????

This picture makes Dave and I laugh! Ty was So good at helping out with all the little kids! He was pushing the stroller with Ally in it and we said to ourselves.....hey, that's Ty in 6 years!

Katie, Nat, me, and Kim......we are missing Christie and Emily. My sisters are my best friends in the world!

this is the fam riding Wicked.....I've been on it once. I opted out this time! I was sick for an hour after riding it last year! kids DO NOT get their height from me!

Katie was here over Father's Day and I spent a week in Idaho with all my family. It told my Dad I was leaving Sat night to come home and be with Dave for Father's Day but actually surprised him and showed up to his church. I think he was really happy. This picture makes me giggle though.....he is the only person I can stand next to and feel tall...... (see picture above....hehe)

during the week in Idaho, we went camping at one of my Mom's favorite spots. Actually it was the same spot we had the last family reunion at before she died. We haven't been back since. I thought I might not like it there but it was fine. It was fun to remember that time with her. The kids got to help cook breakfast...the best part of camping is the food!

I will never get used to going to "visit" my mom in a cemetery. I HATE it. I still feel so cheated and I still have some pretty big issues with her death. I get through the days but sometimes I just plain feel angry. One day I will get past he anger stage of grief....not sure when that will be though.

I love getting to watch my Dad play his music. He loves doing it and you can tell while he's up there! I do have to laugh at the "groupies" that follow his band around. I spared you that picture!

The week Katie was here in Utah, we took a day and went to Temple square. It was really fun but we didn't have nearly enough time to see everything. She actually went back another day with my sister Kim!

Toombs reunions ALWAYS include was pretty chilly the day we went so we actually spent most of the time in the hot pools. The crazy kids did venture out to the regular pool....the were blue by the time they got out but happy!

This is most of the grandkids on the Toombs side. We are a big group! By this time they were all pretty sick of us taking pictures....haha

And all that was only the first 2 weeks in June! Whew


Natalie said...

cute pictures, just missing our ya

Kim said...

So fun.

Do you really have sisters named Katie and Kim?
I have sisters named Jennifer and Katie!
Three of the six girls in your hamily have the same names as three of the five girls in my family.
weird. :)

The Flynn's said...

I have to admit, that picture of Tyler and I is pretty funny. You have definitely had a busy summer! We had so much fun though and when we come next year, I hope we can stay for even longer. We love it there!!