Friday, December 31, 2010


This year for Christmas we decided to forgot presents and take a trip instead. We were a bit unsure if the kids would really like it....come Christmas morning and there wasn't anything to open but when we got home they all said it was a big hit and would rather do this again then get gifts. I am ALL FOR THAT! These photos aren't in order but I'm too lazy to try and fix them all....
We actually did get the kids a couple of things to open on Christmas Eve. They each got a new hoodie and they got a couple of WII games. We planned to play that night so we brought all the WII stuff with us. These photos are of us playing Michael Jackson Just Dance and Just Dance 2. You have no idea how funny this was! I have video but have been threatened with my life if I post them.....give it a few weeks, i will put them on anyway!

Lys and Brandon's attempt at Michael Jackson. It is actually pretty hard!

This was just about the funniest thing you have ever seen in your life!

opening the games

Lys has a thing for the Incredibles. She dressed up as Mrs. Incredible for Halloween.

Not exactly sure what was wrong with Brandon at that moment......

Kim and I on Christmas Day. It was so fun to go fights this time, although we did consider going back to the scene of the crime form 2004 and taking a photo just to be funny!

my silly, not so camera shy kids!

On our way in on Christmas Day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney! That moment you turn the corner to Main Street is just magical. I sure did think of Mom!

Dylan was a is fun to go with a child. They see things so differently. He was so dang excited to see the characters!

Em and I on Toy Story Mania it WAS pretty crowded. Actually the park reached capacity on Christmas Day. "Capacity".....what would that be for Disneyland???? LOTS and LOTS of people. really didn't feel that crowded and we didn't wait in long lines at long as you fastpass!

We spent Christmas Day with the Daltons. We were there 2 years ago with them and were so excited to meet up again this year! They are an awesome family!!!
I am so so glad we decided to do this! The kids are getting older and the memories last longer than the toys! I enjoyed myself a lot more then I have since Mom died. I just don't like Christmas at home....I keep waiting for her to walk up the stairs in her santa hat. This year I almost forgot how upset I was about her being gone on Christmas day......that is a GOOD thing! I think it's official.....we will spend very few Christmas's at home!
We took about 400 photos but I think this will do for the blog! In a few days i will post the "not so good" part of the trip. Lets just say we had a very ridiculous run of bad luck on the travel days! NOT FUNNY!


Becky said...

How fun that a couple of your sisters went with you guys! It looks like you had a ton of fun together!

Traci said...

How fun! My brother and his family were down there then. They came back sun 12/26 it took them 13 hours to get to St George. Ugh!

Katie Stoddart said...

That is fun!! I remember hearing that d-land had to turn people away. How crazy!

DIAZ BLOG said...

yep.....Disney did reach capacity that weekend. It really was crowded but the crowds don't bother me!