Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, this is very late but hey....that was my Mom's way of doing things anyway! October 11th was the one year anniversary of my Mom's death. The anticipation of the day was far worse then the actual day and for that I am grateful! The 11th was a Sunday but Mom actually died on Saturday so the 1oth was a pretty hard day for me. Ashlee had a soccer game that morning and I did not go. I just could not go sit on the same field I was the moment I found at she died at the very same time I found she died. It was just too much! Sorry Ashlee!!! Later that afternoon we went to the temple. I was very excited that my friend was getting sealed to her husband and 3 kids that day. It was a REALLY good day for me to go to the temple. I made it through the sealing fine but lost it as I walked out of the room. I am not sure why, at that very moment, the emotions suddenly hit me, but after a good 15 min of hard crying I actually felt much better, very peacful. I think it was almost cleansing. Sunday the 11th was actually a pretty good day. We decided to make the day a celebration. All the family which included my 5 sisters and their husbands, all the grandkids, my Dad, and Uncle Paul met at 5 matter where we were! Some were in Idaho Falls and went to the cemetery and those of us that lived in different states went to a park or outside in their yard. We all wrote letters to Grandma, put them in balloons and sent them up to the exact same time.... for Grandma to read. We were all on speaker phone together. I could hear Kim and everyone in Idaho and Katie in Georgia at the very same time. It almost felt like we were together. The decision to make the day fun and more like a celebration of Mom's life really helped!!! Here a few photos of us at the park waiting for everyone to be ready to launch our balloons.

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MormonSurrogate said...

Aw, this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for being at the temple with us!

I love the balloon idea. Great pictures! Keep hanging in there Jenn.

Love you!!


Kim Rose said...

So glad you updated! It was a much better day then I thought it would be. We need to make it a tradition! love you!

The Flynn's said...

Good post Jenn and I'm glad you finally updated. When I read the cleansing part, I was thinking...huh? Why was she cleaning the temple? But don't worry, I got it now! Just took me a sec (had to re-read). Love ya!