Thursday, November 19, 2009


My sisters are all posting 5 things they are grateful for each day until Thanksgiving. What an awesome idea! So here is my 5 for the day.......

Today I am grateful to live so close to several temples! Dave and I decided on Tuesday that we were going to go to the temple on Wed. I changed Brandon's vision therapy apt. so we could attend a session that would get us home in time to put the kids to bed. We arrived at the AF temple about 4:30 PM. As we came around the corner Dave said, "We pick a good day. It does not look crowded." We then realized that there was not a single car there and it must be closed. We decided that we said we were going to do a session so we would just drive to another temple and off to Draper we headed. We arrived at the desk at exactly 5 PM. We found out that that temple does sessions on the hour so we would probably have to wait until 6 PM. We decided to just do sealings. One of the workers then came running to us and said they are holding the session and we needed to get dressed fast. We asked where the clothing rental was since we each needed one item. Only to find out that this temple did not rent clothing. At this point we decide that this is not working out for us and we would have to come another day but then another temple worker said, "NO, we will find you what you need. We want you to stay." Almost 20 min late, we walked into the session and I realize I REALLY need to use the bathroom. I was in such a hurry, knowing that people were waiting on us, that I forgot to go. NOT GOOD! I have the smallest bladder known to man! I say a prayer and the session begins. We must have really needed to be there because we faced several obstacles and each time a solution was found. We had a wonderful experience!

I am grateful for Dave's job. So many people are without work and we are hanging in there for now! I feel very blessed.

I am grateful for Carnation instant breakfast. I am not a big breakfast eater but know I should so I drink this every morning. It is so YUMMY!

I am grateful for Dr Price, Brandon's eye doctor. Many of you know he has 2 disorders that make reading and comprehending very very difficult for him. This is something that neither glasses or surgery would fix. He needed vision therapy. After 4 months of the program, I cannot even begin to explain how much better he is doing! He likes school for the first time and is actually doing well. This program is very expensive and our insurance would not cover it but once again, the Lord provided a way for Brandon to receive the help he needed. I will forever be grateful for this man....he gave Brandon a future!!!

I am grateful for my 5 sisters. I really love them all so much and cannot imagine going even one day with talking to one of them! I guess that makes me pretty grateful for phones too!


Natalie said...

I am happy your temple session went well. I CANT WAIT TILL THANKSGIVING!!!

Kim Rose said...

I ditto your love for Carnation. It is the only thing I have for breakfast! Love you!

The Flynn's said...

I got your hooked on Carnation. It's the best!