Monday, August 31, 2009

I have been really struggling to keep up my blog this past year. We are always doing things and I even think to myself....I have got to post this....but I just don't get around to it. Is September too early for a New Year's resolution? Or would that be considered late? Either way, I guess I am going to really try and get back to doing this on a more regular basis!

The summer has been just crazy. I have been contemplating all week how to make things less hectic next year and the only solution I have come up with is "NO". I have to just say no more often. The problem is that presents a whole new set of issues. When I say "no" I then have to spend days explaining myself to those who disagree with the things I chose to say "yes" to. Why is that anyway? Can't we just all assume that what is important to one may be less important to another and that is OK??? Maybe it is a "timing" thing too. I was at a different place a year ago and made time for different things then those I am able or even willing to make time for now. Is that normal? I think it is called growth......dealing with different seasons in life....but could it be laziness? I guess that means I need to reread Elder Oaks talk titled "Good, Better, Best" and make some decisions for next summer.

Anyway, here is a few photos from our fun...things I said "yes" to....crazy summer!

The Toombs side of the family does a family reunion every other year. It is usually the only time all 6 sisters are together. We see each other often but never all together so this week is always a BIG deal! This year Em and Katie stayed for 3 weeks! It was awesome!

Swimming at Ross Park

One of my Mom's favorite places was Warm River and the Mesa Falls. As part of the reunion we spent a day up there in her honor. We hiked the falls and then floated the river. The kids has a great time despite the cloudy skys!

I hate this picture! I hate what it represents! Every family reunion we take a family photo. This year we took a casual photo at the cemetery with Mom. No one could bare to take a professional photo this year......without her in it.......things are WAY to fresh for that so this is what we got for this year. Just look at everyone's faces. We have been crying. Almost a year later and the tear still flow very easily. I don't see that changing anytime soon. We miss her so dang much.

We all took a day and went to Lagoon. There was a HUGE group of us. Katie, Kim, Emily and their families, us, and our friends the Daltons. We were able to attend with Stace's work party so we even had both lunch and dinner provided. It was a pretty nice set up!! Alyssa and Katie rode the Sky Coaster. CRAZY! One day I will do it....Katie says "Never Again!"

hanging out in our back yard making smores

Our annual boating/camping trip with friends. This year we stayed close and went to Deer Creek. The weather was great except the first night when the wind blew all night. Dave and I don't mind it at all but I thought the Daltons were going to leave the next morning for sure! Luckily the next 2 days were awesome! I am trying to talk everyone into Lake Powell next year....but NO CAMPING there. The comforts of a hotel it the way to go in southern Utah!

We decided to take the kids to the Children's Discovery Museum. We had not been there for several years so it was time. I was a little worried that my kids.....being a bit older then the cousins.....might think it was boring but they didn't. Even Alyssa has a good time. Thanksgiving Point has done a really good job with those gardens. They are beautiful!
We also had a Diaz side of the family reunion this summer. We spent a day playing "Deal or No Deal", " The Amazing Race", and learning some interesting things about each other! The night ended with a Luau. The food was great......but it appear someone spiked the rice with growth hormones as Ashlee seemed to blossom right before our eyes! Of course we have Tyler and his "ever so annoyed I am taking a photo" look!
Whew.....that took a long time. I really must keep up on this thing!


Cori said...

Wonderful start to your updates! It really looks like you had a lot of fun in all the craziness. No is never easy - but it can keep you sane!

Natalie said...

yeah, you updated!! I need the pictures with Kaytee in them and the one of all of us at the cemetary ok!! Don't forget! You have had a busy summer and lots of fun. Love the one of Ash, nice bra.

jackie said...

Who the #&@^$ has any right to question your decisions! You do not owe any explanations to anyone as to the things/decisions you make for your family/schedule/life..except the Lord.Say no whenever you need/want to...unless it is meeting up with an old HS friend:) I had to put a BIG green sign by my phone for about a year that said NO in huge letters just to remind myself. I now say, "huh, let me check my schedule and let you know." This seems to work because then I can breathe, calm down, pray and then tell them, either "yes" or "I am not going to be able to do that this time. Let me know if you do it again though."

What is that saying, "Stress: When my heart says 'no' but my mouth says 'yes'."

Traci said...

I love the pictures with you and your sisters. It looks like so much fun! I love hangin' with my sisters. (You look fantastic, btw!)
I hear you about saying "no". That is something I really struggle with too. Then I not only overcommit, but I berate myself - "Why did I agree to this. Why can't I just say No. Don't be such a push-over." Not sure that is the best posative reaffirmaton. :) I like Jackie's saying. I am going to have to try the note thing!

Kim Rose said...

It is about time you updated. Love the pic of Ash with the bra. Nice. I am sure Dave loved that. You need to upload the video of Brandon's dance. HATE the pic at the cemetery. That was a tough morning. Tough week.

DIAZ BLOG said...

i do need to upload that....problem is I don't know how! Sorry, I am completely computer stupid. I will have to ask the kids to do it. Especally now that the videos are digital. Maybe that should make it easier???

Kim said...

Hey, for the record, I just want to state that saying "no" to things is not a sign of Laziness. It's called "setting boundaries". Sometimes I am way TOO good at saying "no" to things. After I think about it, I realize that I CAN do such and such, but my initial reaction is "no" (that doesn't always make me feel good about myself either) Maybe you and I need to spend more time together-then I'll learn how to say yes more, and you can be more rude/selfish like me and "no" will come very easily....just a thought.