Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ashlee and Mom

The whole gang. This is actually a funny photo, if you were there. The little boy in the bottom corner is our friend Gavin. His family went skating with us. He saw Dave trying to take a photo and was booking it over on his skate to make it into the photo with us. He kept falling down but getting right back up, finally making it to us only to run smack into the wall we were standing by. He popped back up just as Dave snapped the photo. I am surprised that it is in focus because at that point Dave was cracking up!

Alyssa and Tyler being silly

Brandon is a little trooper. He was really having a hard time skating at first. He kept falling down and taking whomever was helping him down too. It took him awhile but he got the hang of it and ended up doing really well! Poor kids came home with some good blisters on his ankle though!
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Flynn Fam 6 said...

Such funny pictures!! Sorry our child is on your family photo!!! It was such a fun night promise we will do it again :)