Saturday, October 4, 2008


For her birthday, Alyssa wanted to go ice skating and then to Chili's for appetizers and chips and salsa. We decided to have a meeting spot rather then me go around and pick everyone up so while we were at the middle school parking lot, the girls started doing some of the dances from there dance class. Oh I wish I would have thought to record it. They were being more funny then serious and it was hilarious! Once everyone arrived we loaded cards and went to the ice skating rink where most of the girls froze to death! It IS ice skating. You'd think they would bring jackets but I guess that is not "cool". I actually took my winter coat and gloves and was the only one not chattering! They had tons of fun. Alyssa took a couple of spills but her friend (the one in the orange top) fell really hard and her bottom hurt the rest of the night. Poor girl!

There was only one of the boys Alyssa invited that could come. He had a GREAT time!!! The odds were in his favor, that is for sure.

I had a hard time getting good skating photos. They were mostly blurry but here is a fun one that turned out OK. It amazes me how good Alyssa is at just about everything she does. She has only been skating 2 times but can pull her friends along just fine! 15 is a big birthday......she takes the written driving test in a few weeks and then will have her driving permit. Can you believe that? I know I should be worried.....that seem to be worried that your teenager is driving but I am actually very excited. Now she take herself around to basketball. The problem is now getting a car in the next year. UGH!
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Flynn Fam 6 said...

Jenn, It made me so sad Kelsey wasn't here this time. I think this is Alyssa's first B-day Kels has missed, so sad. It looks like she picked a really fun thing to do for her Birthday though. How cool! She is getting so big and it just kills me. I am so proud of her and am so glad she is a god friend to Kelsey. We love you Alyssa<3

Stephens Family said...

Could she be anymore beautiful!? Seriously!!!!!!!! What a fun b-day! I love that Alyssa loves life and is always having fun. It seems like she stays out of the drama and just enjoys her friends! She is so totally awesome! Happy Pre-Birthday Alyssa!!!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I just commented on Alyssa's blog..ha ha.
She is growing up really you are getting old!!! JK!!
See ya this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Your family is beautiful and I love the dance pictures! your youngest daughter looks JUST like I remember you looking--beautiful of course! I love the site! AND, I love quotes too. i also have them alllll over my house. We are talking it looks like a vinyl machine threw up here:) My favorite from conference this year is..." The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."

Kim Rose said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! I texted her today. She is so funny.
Can't believe she is 15. Holy cow! I remember you telling us you were pregnant.
Love you!