Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our Stake RS is doing a 8 week long enrichment seminar called "A House of Order". The author of a book by the same title is teaching the classes on how to put your house, finances, paperwork, etc in order. I have really enjoyed the class and recommend the workbook to anyone interested. (you can borrow mine!) Last week we learned how to organize our kitchens in a more functional way as well as began to put together a "brain box" which is a simple, easy to use organizational tool for household chores. Go to her website and check it out!
Her quote of the week:
We "neat" our homes daily. We "clean" our homes once a week, and we "scrub" our homes once a month.
That works for me!

Happy organizing!

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Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

Hmmm, this sound intersting. I will have to go check that website.
ps.... is your ward doing a super Sat this year? Our ward does not do one and I really like making things from those for holiday gifts. Will you let me know if your are having one and what your doing. I might want to copy the projects or possibly buy some. I might be in Utah the weekend of Oct. 10th???