Sunday, June 8, 2008


Around here, every summer each city has a celebration. I am not sure the reason....I guess to celebrate the fact that they are are a Utah city. It is like a 4th of July celebration each week somewhere in the state! Eagle Mountain had their "Pony Express Days" this past week. Most of the fun stuff happens on Saturday. Ashlee walked in the parade with her girl scout troop. This was the first time she has been in a parade and she loved it. It was SO freezing cold. It had rained all week long and we woke up Saturday morning to more rain. It cleared up by the time the parade participants were lining up but it was still freezing! Notice the people in the background with blankets. That is not what you are supposed be the second week of June!

Brandon is a goof! I don't even know what he is looking at here but he clearly is only slightly impressed by it!

I am a big fan of roller a Disneyland or Lagoon type park. I HATE carnival rides. The kids, however, love them. There was a carnival all day Saturday and the very first one they decided to ride was a big round "thing" that you just stand up against a padded wall, the door closes, and it spins you around and around very fast. It is called the gravitator because gravity pins you against the wall as it spins. Sounds like great fun, huh??? I could not even watch the thing spin! I had to turn around. Kids were falling over as they got off. It was funny. Ashlee stayed on her feet and managed to keep from throwing up (last year she didn't do so well on the is beyond me why she rode it again this year) but she was dizzy enough to hold her head as she got off.....still wearing a smile!
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Thibodeau fam said...

That sounds like fun! And I agree on the cold...ENOUGH already! It is 98 degrees in the northeast today.....hello send that heat our way......PLEASE!!!

The Flynn's said...

Geez, Ashlee looks so much like you!!!