Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This was Friday night at the welcome party for the cheerleaders. The park was closed to the public at 10PM and only the cheerleader could come in. They had food, a DJ and all the rides were open for them. It was really fun. Emily and I were pretty tired by then so we just sat down and watched all the cheerleaders from around the states dancing. That was INTERESTING! Maybe I am old but I sure don't remember dancing like that! And Em says I don't understand the "styles" now but what is up with the boots and shorts?

Em had not been to Disney for a really long time and had not even ridden many of the rides. It was like going with a little child! That made it really fun! Spash Mountain is still one of my favorites. This photo is on the Matterhorn. I can't decide if I love that one. It's a Disneyland classic so you have to ride it but it is pretty jerky. Space Mountain, Soarin' over California, and Tower of Terror were all our favorites! Em liked Screamin' too but the excitement is lessoned when the ride breaks down with poeple on it and they are all having to walk down the rollercoaser! We did not wait around to ride that one again.

Both Emily and I get motion sickness so we did not actually ride the teacups but we had to get a photo anyway! It was too cute to pass up!
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Stephens Family said...

Okay, send me all the photos NOW so I can blog too!! Thanks again for coming with me! I had so much fun with you and it was nice to have our own personal tour guide...even if you did walk way too fast! I love you tons!

Kim Rose said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you had a great time.
Did you by chance catch Good Morning America yesterday? They did a entire story about how cheerleading is actually a sport. I thought Em might appreciate it.
They had clips of competitions. I don't know if it was the ones you were at but it was cool.

The Flynn's said...

Oh man, you did the tea cups?? I want to throw up just looking at it. I want to take my kids to Disney so bad! Glad you had fun.