Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is the before picture. Brandon was so excited. He and his dad had work on his car for several days. They bought a kit this year where the car was already shaped. All they had to do was sand, paint, and decorate it. Brandon was so thrilled aobut his first pinewood derby car. We got there and weighed it and it is 4.9 oz. The limit was 5.o so he was a close as you could get and that was good! He watch as several of his friends took their turn and their cars all crossed the finish line. Then Brandon went and his care stopped just at the bottome of the hill. It never even crossed the finish line! He ran out of the gym crying and hid in the mens bathroom for 15 min. I almost had to go in and get him. He calmed down, we talked about being a good sport and went back into the gym where he watch his car take dead last! He shed a few more tears but made it through. Poor kid. I know how much the kids like the pinewood derby but as a parent, I hate it! It seems that someone is always upset.

I am so proud of Brandon for pulling through with a pretty good attitude. This is him getting a participation award.
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Stephens Family said...

Oh, that almost made me cry. Poor little guy. Glad he was okay after it all, but it is so sad when your child is sad. It breaks my heart!

Flynn Fam 6 said...

Brandon is so stinking cute, we love him! I could just see the whole thing play out:(