Saturday, December 1, 2007


How fitting......we woke up on December 1st to a beautiful blanket of white snow. At least it was beautiful until my kids got to it! By 8:15 in the morning they were bundled up and outside playing. Oh, I had them clean up the sidewalks while they were at it! After about 30 min they are ready to come inside for a cup of hot cocoa and toast!!

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Thibodeau fam said...

It's about time you updated your blog. Alyssa is way to need to tell her stop that!!!

The snow looks really pretty...LUCKY!!

The Flynn's said...

Oh man...have I mentioned that I wish I could be there for the holidays?

Kim Rose said...

I agree with Nat. About time you updated!
Love the pics. I am sure Ash is not happy that Brandon is out growing her!
Hey... you need to have Dave fix your header. We only see your feet!
Love you!