Friday, November 9, 2007

My name is Tyler Diaz and my favorite sport is Tackle Football. I just got done with a season with the Lehi Pioneers seventh grade. I was starting Tailback and Right Devensive End and then three games into the season I got switched to Fullback and Left Devensive End. I really enjoy running the ball alot. My team went 7-3 including the playoffs. We went to the Championship game and lost to the Lone Peak Knights 8-6. It was very sad. I scored our teams only touchdown in the Championship. I caught a twenty five yard pass that got us to our thirty five yard line from thier forty yard line. The very next play i got the short screen from fullback and took it thirty five yards for a touchdown. I threw two touchdowns, caught I think five, and ran for around fifteen the whole season. It was a great season and I can't wait untill next season so we can go and get a Championship!
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Thibodeau fam said...

Good job for posting Tyler, you look smooth in your football stuff.

ps..tell your mom to post more and w/ pictures too.

Flynn Fam 6 said...

You look to cute all geared up!! You'll get it next year:)

MariaD said...

Great job on making it to the championship, sorry you lost but you'll kick butt next year.

Kim Rose said...

Good job Tyler! I will have to make sure Michael reads your post. He will understand what you said and can explain it to me.
Love you!